Palm Bracelets

Dacian Inspiration
The origin of hand bracelets can be traced back to the classical period of the Dacian civilization, which lasted from the 2nd century BC to the 1st century AD. These unique bracelets were considered as elitist ornaments and worn by beautiful Dacian women who held power and status in the society.

Dacian Community
The Dacian Community used bracelets for everything from status symbols and insignia for military to votive offerings and even as currency. The commonly used Dacian Bracelets were often bangle style, several extended onto and around the palm. View Handlets Collections

Ancient Bracelets
The Dacians developed an unique art of silver working with their existing Dacian style. Each period witnessed different types of bracelets, the spiral and horn patterns with animal and palmette designs were the most popular one. View Handlets Collections

Egyptian Queens
These bracelets adorned the palm of the Egyptian queens. They extended this gorgeous ornament till the wrist and decorated them with beads and stones. View Handlets Collections

Palm cuff Fame
Designer Dana Lorenz started developing the unique shaped bracelets and she preferred to call them as palm cuff and released a few versions of it just in time for her 2014 Spring-summer collections. View Handlets Collections

Handlets for Her
New York based fashion designer Pamela Love, started designing these types of bracelets for her clients and called it as Handlet, she believes this ornament is for those who are fashion-forward and edgy. View Handlets Collections

Into Vogue
Vogue's Accessories Editor Selby Drummond, captured the beauty of this ornament in the magazine's column and says it is a conversation piece and a must have for Fashionistas. View Handlets Collections

Hollywood Celebrities
Hollywood fashion icons from Sarah Jessica Parker to Jennifer Lawrence, carried these beautiful handlets elegantly and effortlessly. The funky look, which Rihanna pulled off with this accessory, also adds a versatile tag to it. View Handlets Collections