Decorative Pendants

While accessories complete an outfit, necklaces are what really pull it all together. They are the centerpiece of any ensemble and are often used to coordinate other jewellery pieces. One of the most elegant forms of a necklace is a chain with a decorative pendant. You can wear a pendant anywhere and with any attire, making it one of the simplest everyday jewellery.

Stylori offers you a range of exquisite and exclusive pendants to choose from:

Pendants for Office wear:

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Pearl Pendants:

Effortlessly transform any ensemble into its classy avatar with the eternal elegance of a pearl pendant. Buy now

Heart shaped Pendants:

Charming heart shaped pendants for the hopeless romantics and the love-stuck!. Buy now

Nakshatra Pendants:

Delicate flower shaped diamond pendants to add a touch of nature-inspired beauty to your look. Buy now

Single stone pendants:

Leonardo da Vinci believed that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. Feel sophisticated with our single stone pendants. Buy now

Classic Pendants:

When in doubt, stick with the classic! Team up any attire with the timeless classics to look gorgeous. Buy now

Fashion Pendants:

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