What are brothers good for?

We've always had a complex relationship with our brothers. He's the one person who has annoyed us throughout our childhood, but he's also our favourite-est person in the world. For those of you who grew up without brothers, here's what you've been missing out on.

My brother, the fashion icon

Before there was the boyfriend jeans, we had the "bro" tee. Brothers' tees are loose and comfy and always feature the zaniest prints. Instead of wondering why women's tees have to be tight-fitting and sometimes too "floral", we just wear our brothers' clothes instead.

My brother, the protector

It would seem that brothers were born with the singular purpose of defending their younger siblings against bullies, creeps and other assorted threats.

Some of us have even protected our little brothers from the same threats. Brothers are around to protect and be protected. Together we shall remain undefeated!

My brother, the sensei

After years of fighting with our brothers, it has toughened us up, making us ready to face the big, bad world outside. It doesn't matter if it is a horrible boss or a sleazy co-worker. We've learned how to deal with them all.

My brother, the teacher

Some of us have even had brothers who helped them with their homework and exams. Who needs coaching classes with brothers like that?

My brother, the scapegoat

And then there are the tragic tales of brothers being blamed for the mischief of their sisters. As the story goes, after committing the crime, the sister flashes an angelic smile, claims no knowledge of the act and hints at the possible involvement of the brother. Apparently, it works every single time.

My brother, the wingman

Brothers can often offer a glimpse into the minds of men. Instead of suffering through a few shy and awkward interactions with the boys we're crushing on, some brothers have been known to make it easier, by helping us summon the courage to ask the boy out. However, the boy has to first pass a comprehensive background check conducted by the brother.

If you're feeling a little misty-eyed now, join the club. Our childhoods wouldn't have been so memorable without those adorable yet pesky brothers of ours.

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