Monsoon ensembles: Brightening up gloomy days

The monsoon can be a bittersweet experience. On one hand, it brings respite from the blazing heat of the Indian summer. On the other hand, it is gloomy weather where the skies are of a dull, grey colour. Taking inspiration from the rainbow which adds colour to the skies after a spell of rain, we can add colour to the monsoon in our own little ways.

Before we begin, here are a few dos and don'ts:

Pick light fabrics like cotton and lycra and avoid heavy fabrics like denim. The light fabrics dry faster.

Choose simple attire like tees and shorts. Flowy outfits can get messy during the monsoon.

Avoid leather.

Here's what you need to create a monsoon ensemble that brightens up a gloomy day

Printed umbrellas

Say goodbye to the boring black umbrellas and even the coloured ones. It's time to express yourself with printed umbrellas.

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With most raincoats designed to be functional, aesthetics plays a small part in its design. Who says raincoats can't look amazing though?

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Rain boots

To complete your rain gear, invest in a good pair of rain boots. While boots are sturdy and built for a purpose, they can be quite fashionable too.

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Tees and shorts

There's a reason this combination never goes out of fashion. It's simple, practical and perfect for the increased humidity during the monsoon.

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Romper jumpsuits

In places with high humidity, romper jumpsuits are a good alternative to the classic tee and shorts.

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On the other hand, in places which become quite chilly during the monsoon, warm clothing is a necessity. Make knitted and crocheted sweaters part of your ensemble.

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And finally, complete your ensemble with monsoon-themed jewellery. While there are alternatives like beaded jewellery and even plastic and rubber jewellery, an all-time favourite for the monsoon is gold jewellery. Keep it simple and elegant.

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