Quirky gifts for the holiday season


Quirky gifts for the holiday season

Gift season is here. Unfortunately for most of us that means giving and receiving the same kind of gifts every year. And that's our cue to try something different this year.

Here are some quirky gifts that we dug up in our search.

Crochet jewellery

Leave the brighter colours for seasons like summer and spring. Dress for the season in winter. And that means picking colours like black, gray and brown.

Fabric wallet

Reduce your usage of leather with fabric wallets. They serve the purpose as well as leather wallets and come in most colours too. If you're good with your hands, you could even try making one by yourself too.

Phone wristlet

Keep your phone safe wherever you go with the wristlet. Functioning as a wallet, it can transfrom into a wristlet to hold your phone and your essential items like keys, etc.

Wall calendar

Like wristwatches, the humble calendar is disappearing because of the convenience of cell phones. The wall calendar has its own charm though. Find one, the quirkier the better, and gift it.

Paper lantern

While paper lanterns are quite common, there is actually a range of designs that are not so commonly used. Look for one that will become a conversation piece and you've got the perfect holiday gift.
Picture credit: Pinterest.com