Jewellery Styles that work for Office

( because not all do! )
Jewellery is an intimate part of our lives, often worn as a reflection of our personality. Stylish pieces of jewellery can personalize and jazz up even the most ordinary ensemble but when it comes to the office, not all jewellery works. Now, there is no need to despair – this doesn’t mean that you have to look staid and boring in office; it just means that you should pick and choose correctly.

Stylori brings you some tricks and tips to ensure you have a hassle free ‘dressing for office’ experience:

Go minimal:

Your look in office must be kept classy and subtle. Stick to Coco Chanel’s advice of removing one accessory before you step out. Accessorize to accentuate not overpower. Buy now

Be elegant, be remembered!:

Create an elegant yet professional impression with delicate and understated jewellery. Platinum, silver, and white gold work best in conservative office environments as do small diamonds and pearls. Use colorful gemstones to add a splash of color to your appearence. Highlight your look with studs, pearl drops, delicate chains with pendants and brooches. Buy now

Dual Tone Jewellery:

The latest sensation this season is dual tone jewellery – jewellery that combines the beauty of white and rose gold with yellow gold. Style your regular office wardrobe with tasteful accessories in dual tone like earrings, rings and bracelets for an exciting change. So, be different and try out the new trend. Buy now

The no noise jewellery rule:

The rule all designers and corporate women swear by. Clinking bracelets and tinkling earrings should be avoided. Even though it might not disturb you, remember you have co-workers and a boss! Buy now

But if you want to make a strong statement with a bold neckpiece, blingy earrings and a chunky bracelet, go ahead but do remember Coco Chanel.