KarvaChauth: Eat, Pray, Love

Once upon a time, KarvaChauth was a celebration in which women prayed for their husbands’ safe returnfrom war.While today, the modern womanmay find the concept a tad bit dated, there’s no denying the romance of gazing at the moon with your beloved.

We’ve grown up watching enough Bollywood films to not-so-secretlywant to try it out ourselves.

And here’s why we should:

A hunger for love

While fasting has been part of Indian tradition to develop a sense of self-control and demonstrate dedication, it has recently been shown to have health benefits as well. Intermittent fasting can help in fighting obesity and heart disease. So get your husband to join in on a fast to detox, celebrate your good health!

A sighting for love

A symbol of love across cultures, the moon plays a central role during KarvaChauth. As everyone knows, the sight of the ethereal moon in the sky can melt even the coldest of hearts. Looking up at the moon together can be an intensely romantic and intensely Bollywood experience.

A feast for love

A special meal is prepared to celebrate the sighting of the moon. The husband feeds his wife her first bite of food for the day and then treats her to a feast. A good reason to

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A gift of love

And the best reason to celebrate? Bling!

To thank his wife for praying for his safety, the husband then gives her a gift. A thoughtful gift that demonstrates the close bond between them, works wonders.