Ma-rvellous within a Budget

Let’s save the clichés for the cards. And let’s be honest about why we really love our mums. They are givers. They give love, they give care, they give you toys (and phones) even if it means not buying themselves that saree they’ve been eyeing.

The question on our minds, here at Stylori - What gives? How is it humanly possible to be so selfless? Well this Mother’s Day our staff are figuring out ways to give back to mum. Because after decades of receiving, well, it’s the least we can do! First salaries for example, have always been a reminder to give back to mum. And even if we don’t at that precise moment, it’s never too late to give, and you can never give enough. It’s just how it is when it comes to gifting mums! This Mother's Day, seize the opportunity and show her she’s pure gold! Choose from our wide collection and wider price range to find that perfect accessory. Here's our unsolicited advice on what we think you should get: Buy Mother's Day Collection

The Elegant

Mum’ll never say no to a nosepin and it does help when the gift sits comfortably in our pockets too doesn't it? Choose from our evergreen nosepin collection. Buy Now

The Eternal

Ever looked at your mom and thought she has the best collection of earrings in the world? If your answer is a yes, we say it's time to add a masterpiece to that collection. And if you answered no, let’s stop her depriving herself of the beauties! Shop our gorgeous earring collection. Buy Now

The Timeless

Ask mum to "Bole chudiyan, Bole kangana!" and depending on what she chooses buy her the chudiyan (bangles) or the kangana (bracelet). Extra points if you know what she’ll like without asking. Choose from our bangle collection. Buy Now