2018 fashion trends: A makeover for the new year


2018 fashion trends: A makeover for the new year

January. It's that time of the year when you give your wardrobe a makeover. Let's begin with your jewellery first.

Here's a list of the must-try jewellery trends of this year.

Ultra-thin layering

It looks like chokers are on their way out. This year, it's all about the layers.
Go for a layered set of necklaces with the shortest fitting around your neck snugly like a choker and the longer ones featuring pendants.

Chain drop earrings

Drop earrings have been a fashion staple for years now. This year, get ready to dazzle with elegant chain drop earrings.
The earrings add a sense of dynamism to your look with rhythmic movement, making it the perfect evening wear.

Vintage jewellery

The past is always a source of inspiration. Try vintage pieces to put together a retro look.
Geometric and minimal designs are in this year.

Asymmetrical Hoops

With oversized hoop earrings going out of fashion, it is the time of the asymmetrical hoop earrings.
Go for mismatched shapes and carry them off in style.

Double sided earrings

Why wear studs when you can go for double sided earrings? The earrings fit around the earlobe and come in different designs.
Picture credit: Pinterest.com