Beyond clichés: Creative ways to pop the question on Valentine's Day

Popping the question has become harder than ever before. There are couples who have asked and answered while skydiving, scuba diving and deep sea diving. There is no country left unexplored for a picturesque place to get down on one knee and propose marriage. There are no restaurants, big or small, where the waiters haven't brought a ring along with the food and clapped while the lady cries, smiles and says yes.

So, what does an enterprising young man do? Fear not. There are more budget-friendly but creative ways in which you can pop the question. Let's take a look at some tried and tested methods.

The Heist:

If you've acted in your school and college plays, this might be the method for you. Find a jewellery store owner who is willing to play along. Explain your master plan to him.

On V-Day, bring your lady to the store. Wink at the owner. He brings out a pre-selected range of rings. Ask your lady to pick one. Then joke about stealing it.

The owner turns his back on cue. Take the ring and her hand and run out of the store. Once outside, explain to her that it was an act all along. Get down on knee and ask the question.

The "Photoshoot"

If you have a photographer friend, this might be the method for you. Explain your master plan to him.

On V-Day, tell your lady that your photographer friend is learning how to do photo shoots and needs a couple to model for him. As you both pose for the camera, take out your ring and pop the question.

The Pet Setup

If you have a pet, this might be the method for you.

Explain your master plan to your pet. They might seem unwilling at first. Give them a snack. They're usually more enthusiastic after that.

On V-Day, as you sit with your lady, your pet walks over to her. On the collar, she finds the most beautiful ring. Take out the ring and pop the question.

The Cameo

If you know a famous person, or a person who knows a famous person, this might be the method for you.

Find out her favourite authors. Pick the author you know directly or through a friend. Arrange to have a book signed.

When she opens the book that you have gifted her, she sees her name in it. And a question by you. And signed by the author.

The Chandler

If you're as funny as Chandler Bing, this might be the method for you.

Pretend that you don't like the idea of getting married. That you're against the institution of marriage. Tell her that only fools get married.

And then pop the question.

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Happy Valentine's Day.

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