Beyond ties and socks: What to gift your man on Valentine's Day

Honey, if you're reading this, let me say that I still love you despite all the gifts you've given me so far. Men pretend to be above the idea of gifting but, in truth, we love receiving gifts. Facing the prospect of getting another pair of socks this year, we have realized that it is time we speak up about what we really want.

So, pull out your pens and take notes, ladies. Here are some gifting ideas for men on Valentine's Day.

Beard Essentials

We love our beards. At least, the bearded ones among us do. We probably love them as much as you love your hair.

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There's no better way to show us that you think we're attractive than by gifting us beard care products. Beard oils, beard shampoos, beard combs. We can never have enough of them.

Journals Cuffs

If your man loves to write, this might be the perfect gift for him. If he does not write, this must just inspire him to begin.

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Writing a journal has a host of benefits. From improving one's memory to becoming a more well-balanced person. Gift a journal and see a changed man.

Geek Gifts

Perhaps you find it annoying. Or, hopefully, adorable. But it is true that many men continue to remain geeks even after becoming adults. We love our comics and video games.

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Boardgames, graphic novels and superhero tees are perfect gifts for the geeks among us.


It's a stereotype but a lot of us love gadgets. They're called boys' toys for a reason.

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Gift us a cool gadget and we'd proclaim it to be the best gift ever. We're easy to please that way.


The trend of men's jewellery is catching on and it's made us curious. What is the appeal of jewellery? We'd like to experience it too.

Rings, bracelets and cool pendants. We're up for some bling.

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Surprise your man with a cool gift this Valentine's Day. You might just see him break down in tears when he opens the package. Tears of joy.