Wedding Rings: Made for each other

Indian weddings are traditional as much as they are contemporary, a balance between the ancient and modern. A significant part of the wedding is the exchange of rings, inspired by traditions of the West.
While many weddings still go with the traditional mangalsutra, there are weddings that have both the mangalsutra and the wedding ring.
Let's take a look at the significance of wedding rings.


The ring symbolizes the love shared between the couple and marks the occasion of their wedding, the most important day of their lives. It also expresses a commitment of a couple to each other, promising fidelity for the rest of their lives.

To symbolize the purity of their love, the ring is usually made from precious metals like gold and platinum. Gold with its warm colour has for centuries held significance for eternal love. And platinum with its pristine metal signifies eternal commitment.


To unite two souls who are made for each other, the rings can be uniquely personal for the couple, signifying their shared tastes.

Depending on the tastes, the rings can have an elegantly minimal style or a more ornate look. Choosing between gold and platinum and a range of precious stones like diamonds, emeralds, etc., the couple can find rings that truly define them.


As the years pass, the rings acquire meaning, with stories to tell.

For a couple that has spent years together, the rings gain a special significance that could some day be passed down to their children. Choose a timeless look that will that will inspire timeless love, for years to come.

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