Style guide: The don'ts of winter dressing


Style guide: The don'ts of winter dressing

Travelling to colder places this winter? The season is called gloomy for a reason, but one can enjoy the experience if they're dressed adequately. There's a lot of advice on what you should wear in winter, but what about the clothing you should not wear?

Let's take a look at the don'ts of winter dressing.

Dark over bright

Leave the brighter colours for seasons like summer and spring. Dress for the season in winter. And that means picking colours like black, gray and brown.
Darker clothing also helps in retaining more heat from sunlight and your body.

Boots over heels

If you find yourself surrounded by snow in winter, ditch the heels (and other footwear) and switch to boots. Boots keeps your feet warm and work well in any terrain.

Skirts over shorts

Once summer is done, pack those shorts away. While you can wear warmer clothing like jeans, skirts can also be worn in winter with the right accompaniments. Try warm leggings along with your skirts to stay warm and look good.

Gloves over gloveless

In addition to your feet, your hands need warming up too. Instead of leaving your hands bare, try wearing gloves. If you need to use your computer or phone frequently, fingerless gloves are an option.

Coats over leather

Leather jackets can keep your warm but they may not be very comfortable in winter. There's no match for a good coat in the cold season. Also, winter is probably the only time of year when you can wear a coat.

Studs over danglers

Dangly jewellery runs the risk of getting caught in your winter accessories like scarves and coats. Instead, go for stud earrings that bring in a minimal elegance that matches the mood of winter.

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