Write your own story

It was on the eve of my departure when I realized that my life would never be the same again. My father walked into my room and looked around wistfully.

"It was almost twenty years ago but it feels like yesterday," he said.

I tried to imagine my father as a young man, preparing this room for a new inhabitant.

It must have changed considerably over the years. There was a crib in the beginning. Now there is a study table, a bed and posters on the walls.

And tomorrow, it will once again return to its original state. Empty.

Was my father disappointed I chose to study in an overseas college, I wondered.

He handed me a pair of earrings. It had belonged to my mother.

"These are yours now," he said.

And picking up a book, he asked, "Do you know how most adventure stories begin?"

"The hero leaves home and embarks on a journey?" I replied.

This was the beginning of my story.